„It’s usually a pretty busy time this time of the

„It’s obviously not a fun time, but I was pretty fortunate to get to do some of that stuff that I normally don’t get to do,“ Pulock said. „It’s usually a pretty busy time this time of the year in the season. You’re never going to get that opportunity.

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Rumor has it a roofer saw a bull shark swimming up a canal in Riverland not long ago. While that may be fiction, the alligators lurking in the mangroves are not (RIP, Mr. Cuddles). It’s called the Miracle Wave, and it’s a gun shaped instrument that uses acoustic treatment by sending sound waves to jump start a healing effect within the body without being invasive. When the machine was purchased, it cost upward of $200,000. Pensivy now has two of them after Toronto Blue Jays shortstop Troy Tulowitzki liked it so much he bought the clinic a second machine..

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